HC 10 Mobile Hose Saw - 4 HP 12V DC 2" ID 4 Wire Capacity 10" Advanced Scalloped Blade

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Hose & Fittings Unlimited is happy to offer a High Performance Hydraulic Hose Saw Machine with quality and safety in mind. Our machine is mounted with a Advanced Scalloped blade which is a small toothed blade, cutting with the backs of each tooth, so the blade does not take a kerf. Using the Adjustable feed handle, the saw bends the hose into the blade spreading the cut edges to avoid burning and smoking. Our Advanced Scalloped blade is also made from a proprietary blend of Long Lasting High Speed Hardened Steel. This steel is actually softer than the normally used *M-2 High Speed Steel. The softness of this blade is one of the best attributes for safety reasons. If you have ever had a blade crack, break, and/or explode, you would understand why this is important. Unlike the blades made of *M-2 High speed steel that has been the industry standard for a long time, this blade will not crack and break after the many hours/cuts of getting warm and cool.

The adjustable feed handle is shown in short position for cutting lighter hoses up through 1-1/4" x Six Wire Braid Spiral Reinforced Hose. It can easily be adjusted the longer position for more leverage and effortless cutting of heavy hose up to 2" x Four Wire Braid Spiral Reinforced Hose.

Between the simple rugged welded construction and the blade being directly driven by the 4 Horse Power Motor you are guaranteed a square and speedy cut. The blade is directly driven by the saw motor converting 100% of the horse power to the Advanced Scalloped Blade. The 40mm spindle with drive pin hole with a left hand threaded bolt insures a non blade slip turning of the blade.

The plate steel retracting saw blade guard insures the safety of your tech while operating the hydraulic hose saw. Even during the cutting process the blade is fully enclosed. The guard contours around each hose while it is being cut. Accompanied with the 2” OD vacuum port for use with a optional shop vacuum. The guard allows for the smoke and debris to be pulled away while making your cut.

Keep in mind the pins will need to be repositioned according to the hose sizes being cut. Proper pin location provides the setup for considerably faster cutting times as well as reduced blade pinching which reduces heat and smoke.


  • Made in the USA
  • Cleaner Cuts, Safer Cuts, Less Smoke
  • Adjustable Feed Handle
  • Rugged Welded Design
  • Blade Driven by Direct Shaft Drive Motor
  • Retracting Blade Guard
  • Vacuum Port In Saw Guard
  • Moveable Pins


  • Horse Power: 4HP
  • Voltage: 12v DC
  • RPM: 10,000 RPM
  • Blade: 10" X 40mm Arbor Advanced Scalloped Blade
  • Cutting Capacity: 2" I.D. x 4 Wire Hydraulic Hose / 3" O.D. Industrial Hose
  • Net Dimensions: 28"W x 18"D x 18"T
  • Net Weight: 128 lbs.

Recommended Usage:

  • Max ID: 2" I.D. Hydraulic Hose / 3" O.D. Industrial Hose
  • Nylon Reinforced
  • Single Wire Braid Reinforced
  • Two Wire Braid Reinforced
  • Four Wire Braid Reinforced

NOTE: Blades can cut spiral hose with interwoven helix wire but are not recommended. When cutting hose with interwoven helix wire microslotted blades are the best choice. These blades are available in our store.

*M-2 is a highspeed tool steel generally used in cutting tools and stamping dies in industries where extreme hardness is necessary.

Don't know what type blade you should use? (We sell all of these blades depending on your application.)

Advanced Scalloped Blade - Arguably one of the best blades on the Market. Features advanced scalloped blade technology for cutting hydraulic spiral hose up to 6 wire resulting in cleaner cuts, faster cuts, no smoke, and longer blade life.

Notched Scalloped Blade - The notched scalloped blades are designed for rough duty cutting on spiral hose up to 6 wire.

Micro-Slotted Blade - The micro-slotted smooth edge blade combines the better finishes of a double bevel knife with the more aggressive performance of a slotted knife. This is our most universal blade and will give you two times longer blade life than smooth edge knives. Used for cutting spiral hose, industrial hose, Teflon, PTFE, Kevlar, metal hose, and wire helix hose.

Beveled Blade - The smooth beveled edge blades are designed for the best finish when cutting light duty hoses like single wire braid, textile reinforced, Poly or Nylon reinforced, and Teflon hoses.

Diamond Blade - The Diamond Edge Blades are exclusively designed for cutting heavy 4 and 6 wire hydraulic hoses. This diamond grinding technology cuts down by 60% the debris while cutting heavy hoses very quickly as opposed to using abrasive wheels. You will get a fantastic finish and make 5-10 second cuts in 2" hose.